Ever since I purchased my first SLR some thirty-five years ago, my focus has been to create images of a photojournalistic, story-telling fashion, preserving the memorable moments of the day in a truly artful and natural manner.

My philosophy is simple… It’s your day. Whether you are getting married or just coming of age, you have invested considerable time and energy into making your day perfect. As such, my relaxed style will allow you remain stress free to enjoy your day.

Put simply…

  • I believe Mitzvahs are awesome!
  • I believe photography captures the emotions of the day
  • I believe you should have fun on your special day.
  • I believe you have to work at marriage to make it successful
  • I believe love is unconditional as well as a commitment
  • I believe that with faith, you gain direction and strength
  • I believe in fairy tale endings
  • I believe that at the end of your special day, all that remains, other than your love for one another, are your photos